D Starner – Guest Contributor
Oct 30 2016
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The Coppell Education Foundation’s annual Red & Black Campaign is in full swing and runs through November 18, 2016. Red & Black is the Foundation’s main fundraising vehicle for its unique grant program that awards monies directly to teachers to fund innovative learning programs.

“The Red & Black Campaign is a great example of the commitment that the citizens of Coppell ISD have to excellence in education. Without their support, many of the amazing programs in the district would not be possible,” said Nichole Bentley, former Coppell Education Foundation President.

The Foundation places a yard sign at the home or business of anyone donating $25 or more. “Our hope is to have all of Coppell ISD awash in a sea of Red & Black yard signs as a testimony to community support for education in Coppell ISD,” Bentley explained.  Those wishing to donate may do so at or through their child’s school.

The Coppell Education Foundation exists to generate and distribute resources to the Coppell Independent School District to provide funding for new and transformative programs needed to meet the district’s mission for excellence in education. Operating independently of the CISD, the foundation fosters innovative learning approaches to learning through a private grant program that encourages educators to push beyond the resources provided by the district to further enrich the education of CISD learners. The Coppell Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) chartered in June 2000. Since its inception, they have given over $937,000 in education grants to Coppell ISD schools and teachers. In addition, every school year, each new ‘first year’ teacher in CISD receives a gift card to help ready their classrooms for the new school year, for another $47,000.  This year the foundation will reach the million dollar mark in grants given.

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