Coppell Lacrosse
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In lacrosse, you will see many different forms a team can take in how they play the game. The Coppell JV Boys team showed off several of these styles on their way to a dominant 13-2 win over Frisco JV Lacrosse on Wednesday night.


Some teams use an aggressive approach on offense, dodging quickly to the net and finding open players on the crease, creating a high volume of shots and getting on scoring runs that pile up the points. Coppell did this for much of the third quarter.


Some teams focus on pressing out and locking down on defense, limiting the number of shots from the opponent and forcing lots of turnovers. Coppell used this tactic to produce a shutout in the second half of the game.


Some teams look to create a fast-paced transition game that puts the opposition at a disadvantage by outnumbering the other team before they can set up their defense. Coppell used this approach Wednesday to generate several of their goals.


Some teams will play a slower, more deliberate game on offense that relies on winning face-offs to maintain possessions, then methodically moving the ball around the perimeter, forcing the opponent to make a mental or physical mistake. Coppell did this on their opening possession, carefully moving the ball around the offensive zone and taking about 5 minutes of possession time before scoring their first goal.


Overall, the first half was a slower, more deliberate effort where the Cowboy offense controlled the ball and made Frisco uncomfortable while the Coppell defense held Frisco to mostly longer shots and quick possessions. The result was a 4-2 lead for Coppell at halftime.  Coppell then turned up the pace and pressure in the second half, dominating the face-off line, the possession time, and the scoreboard, by scoring 9 more goals and allowing none.


Offensive production for the Cowboys was balanced, with 10 different players getting a goal or an assist. Sophomores Brandon Point and Ethan Bivens and Freshman Daniel Gonzalez each scored 2 goals, and Sophomore Reece Reynolds and Freshman Peyton Barron both notched 1 goal and 1 assist in the game.

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