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The CHS-9 Coding Club is comprised of only freshmen and started up this school year.  They recently competed at the Plano East competition on November 16, 2019 and one team took 1st place in the Novice category .  They coded in Java against other teams, who were allowed to choose which language to use to solve worldly problems.  Most teams at these competitions are upper-classmen, so this is a real fete for them.

There was a separate individual component to the competition, a written test.  Mukund Raman was able to answer enough questions correctly on the written portion of the competition to secure 5th place. Mukund competed at Novice level for this as well.  Attached is a single photo of him.

Mukund Raman, Arjun Inamdar, and Madhav Thamaran  are the students who placed 1st and are pictured in the attached photos.  Also attached is a photo that includes our parent-volunteer, who coaches our students weekly.  His name is Mr. Kalyan.  Mrs. Andrea Cook is the sponsor for the club and is not pictured.

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