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Matthew Cobb

The play-by-play announcer for the Dallas Stars is bringing his acting talents to Coppell once again.

Ralph Strangis will be acting in Theatre Coppell's production of "Murder at the Howard Johnson's," which will begin on Aug. 19, according to a Dallas Stars report.

The comedic play involves three main characters — Arlene Miller (played by Laurie McDonald), Dr. Mitchell Lovell (played by Ralph Strangis) and Paul Miller (played by Gary Walters). In the play, the character Arlene cheats on her husband Paul with a dentist named Mitchell then the three plan on murdering each other at Howard Johnson's Motor Inn.

Strangis said his role — a philandering dentist — is kind of similar to the character Dwight Schrute from the TV show The Office.

“He’s a little nerdy, but he thinks very highly of himself,” Strangis said. “Sometimes he says stupid things but doesn't think they are stupid. He’s a womanizer to the extent that he can womanize and is physically underwhelming.”

This will be the fifth play Strangis has been a part of at Theatre Coppell.

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