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All farmers and ranchers at the Coppell Farmers Market take pride in raising their laying hens on pasture, and this time of year they are bringing an abundance of eggs to sell. One might ask “What does the term “pasture-raised” mean?”

It’s hard to sift through the continually changing marketing jargon to know what’s best for us, especially when it comes to food. First there was cage-free, then free range. Then we learned that both terms were misleading. Now, pasture- raised is the best option, and the term applies to meat, eggs and any other animal product. Pasture-raised means that the animals are raised on pasture, another term for grass. The animals live under the sun and have the ability to forage, resulting in the most nutritious products.  In the case of laying hens, the result is a bright orange, nutrient dense yolk, and delicious flavor.

It’s difficult to find products from pasture-raised animals at the grocery store but, at farmers markets most every rancher raises their animals in this ethical manor. Visit any of the Coppell Farmers Market’s four egg producers to find pasture-raised eggs on Saturdays.

Learn more, watch the short film: The Story of an Egg. 

In the 3 minute film The Story of an Egg, Poultry farmers explain the real story behind such terms as “cage free, “free range” and “pasture raised” so that consumers can make informed decisions when they go to their local supermarket (or farmers market).

The Coppell Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 8:00am - noon at 768 W. Main Street in Old Town Coppell, rain or shine. Click here to see What's Fresh at the CFM this weekend. 

Lone Star Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) and bank ATM cards can be used to purchase wooden market tokens (market cash) at the CFM hospitality booth in the center of the pavilion. 

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