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Photo by: Akila Muthukumar Hi Sweetie is an excellent choice for trying Thai rolled ice cream, an exciting summer treat that comes to life in front of customers. The ice cream cup on the right is described in the article.

Your typical ice cream scoop on a waffle cone is an all time summer favorite, but who could have guessed that this sugary delicacy had a new trick rolled (no pun intended!) up its sleeve.


Rolled ice cream originates from Thailand and started a craze a few years ago within the United States. This Instagram and Snapchat worthy confection is especially popular among a younger generation that appreciates food aesthetic. Although I am, arguably, a little late to this party, I couldn’t be happier that I joined.


For anyone who has not yet tried rolled ice cream, I would definitely recommend they take the chance. Here are some of the most popular places in the DFW area. The restaurants usually have a vibrant atmosphere, cutesy designs and, most importantly, an easy-to-view station where the ice cream is rolled.  


  • I CE NY located at 2625 Old Denton Rd #812, Carrollton, TX 75007

  • 10 Degrees F Rolled Ice Cream in Vista Ridge Mall

  • Hi Sweetie Rolled Ice Cream located at 8604 Preston Rd Ste 121, Plano, TX 75024.

  • Chills 360 located at 2646 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226


Watching the ice cream being made was almost as enticing as eating it; I visited Hi Sweetie in Plano, but the process of making the ice cream rolls is similar to other places.


First the flavor of ice cream that one desires - for me, chocolate - is poured (yes, poured, because the ice cream is currently in the form of a sweet, flavored milk) onto an extremely cold metal surface. It is similar to a pizza pan or stove, with the exact opposite function.


As the liquid is slowly freezing, a fruit or cream is thrown into the mix. Here, I chose to have blackberries. They were chopped vigorously into small pieces that were spread throughout the chocolate liquid.


Next the staff member spreads the semi-liquid, creamy mixture into a thin circle on the cold surface. Finally, a metal spatula is used to scrape the ice cream into anywhere from 4 to 6 rolls.


When I visited, a new staff member was being trained to make the rolls. Thus, I learned that it takes significant strength and precision to make perfect rolls - all while eager customers have their eyes glued onto you.  I find that there is something oddly, inexplicably satisfying about watching the ice cream slide off the metal and roll into beautiful cylinders.


The rolls are scooped into a cup and any additional toppings - sprinkles, fruits, candy, marshmallows, crackers and more - can be added. At Hi Sweeties, I chose to add a fluffy marshmallow, M&Ms and sprinkles.


While I chose the custom choice, Hi Sweetie also offers certain combinations, such as Banana Split or S'mores, which already have set flavors, fruit mixings and toppings. If I visited again, I would still opt to create my own, because I enjoy experimenting with different tastes.


The final product is almost too perfect to eat. I eventually (after one too many pictures at the super cute tables) dove in and found the taste to be similar to that of regular ice cream, but my fruit mix in (blackberry) added a distinct texture and a slightly sour flavor to the mix.


Overall, I enjoyed watching my meal come to life, the flavor combination and found the price to be reasonable at Hi Sweetie. In the larger scope of things, getting rolled ice cream was a 10/10 experience.

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